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Originally Posted by Alan View Post
I see bikes on BotG fairly often; hikers, too, because it's where the Cascade Crest trail crosses. Speed limit is 15, passing prohibited. Not sure the metal grate part is much longer than Hawthorne, but yeah, you must ride right on the grate, it's quite higher and spectacular, and a bit freaky because it's so easy to see through to the river below. Not easy to fall off accidentally, though, it has a good guard rail.

Thumbprinterr, I have to ask about Hwy 14, though. I've not ridden it and although I occasionally see bikes on it, it's quite narrow in many spots, often minimal shoulders, fast and moderately high traffic volume, and short sight lines. I gather your experience on it was OK? Any suggestions or advice about that part of the ride? Only one comment mentions it in and I have to wonder about write-up since it places the Chevron station on the wrong side of Bonneville Dam and doesn't mention the Skamania General Store at all.
SR14 - I've ridden it from I205 (well, the old hwy until it merges w/SR14) as far east as just east of Carson, then stretches from Bingen to the Hwy97 turnoff

Parts do not have much, if any shoulder, true. I've only ridden it on weekends; can't speak to weekday traffic.

The descent from Cape Horn eastbound can be a bit interesting if it is windy and/or rainy. That said, I'm still here.

Places to stop and eat - Burgerville in Camas. Skamania General Store. There might be something in North Bonneville; I've never stopped. Cascade Locks has many choices. Multnomah Falls (try the handmade ice cream sandwiches!), Troutdale, and then you are back in the land of convenience stores.
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