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Default Map My Ride et. al.

I'm a bit new to using Map My Ride. I haven't taken a plunge for a paid membership, yet. It appears to work quite well, but I'm unsure what the advantages of MMR are over other sources. What I like is it spits out a route fairly fast, with the important info. such as elevation and gradients. I'm no stranger to all manner of Nat. Geo, and Garmin based mapping and data software, but the online offerings are new turf for me.

What I'm curious of . . . does Map My Ride usually select roads you'd consider the optimal choices for cycling? I did a quick route from Banks to Tigard and it chose the Beaverton - Hillsboro Hwy. as a primary transect. Not sure that would be my optimal choice, but it works. So, what's your favorite of the many route / mapping online-software choices? Give me the scoop of pros / cons. I ride a touring bike with a plastic map case and printed map. I prefer that to a bar mounted map computer such as the larger Garmin.
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