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Default Comcast Trucks Using Bike Lane as Work Area

From the description on youtube:

Helmet camera video, 2/9/2011, about 8:40AM, Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway, just west of Dosch Road, Portland, Oregon. Two Comcast contractor trucks and a trailer with a cable spool were blocking the bike lane.

I had previously thought that utility workers had an exemption from parking in the bike lane. However, I can't remember where that is in the ORS.

In any case, you can see on the video where one of the workers is removing a flagger ahead sign from one of the trucks. I think it would be better if they put out the flagger ahead sign first, then had the flagger directing traffic, before they actually blocked a traffic (in this case the bicycle) lane.
Here's a couple of still pictures from the video:

Anyone know for sure if utility trucks can use the bike lane for parking?

And, here's the youtube link:
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