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Have recently ridden Fairview-Gresham trail and find it makes a nice 25 mile loop when connected with I-205/Springwater/Marine Drive. or closer to 37 miles if you take Willamette river bikeway to Springwater to Fairview-Gresham to Marine Drive to 33rd to Going to Williams. I studied Google map beforehand and had no problem at Burnside. The trail ends at Halsey so at Halsey I went east to Fairview ave/223rd then left on to Fairview Lake Way to Marine drive. Halsey has either a bike lane or a nice shoulder and the same goes for Fairview/223rd ave except were you go under the railway. I notice many of the busy street crossings have activation "loops" in the pavement that automatically trip the crossing flashing yellow signal. Autos seemed to be very courteous at the crossings. Rode it on a Monday and saw a few peds but no other cyclists on the whole route. Nice thing was that strong east wind that gave a push along Marine Drive. Good reason to do it in the counterclockwise direction.
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