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Default Car Pushes its Way Into Bike Lane. Plate: HANA 3

From the description on youtube:

This is helmet cam video from 1/9/2011, about 4PM, taken on Hall Blvd,. just west of Scholls Ferry Road, Beaverton, Oregon.

A silver SUV wanted to make a left turn from the Progress Shopping Center onto Hall Blvd., southeast-bound. The driver stopped with the front of his car partially blocking the bike lane.

I decided to not try to "shoot the gap" between the his car and the motor vehicle lane. As you can see in the video around 0:17, this was probably a good idea. A Tri-Met LIFT bus was in the motor vehicle lane.

I was already stopped. The driver wasn't backing up. I couldn't really see the driver through his heavily tinted windows. So I waved him through. Sometimes I can get drivers who stop in the bike lane like this to back up and let me through. Not this time.

I was able to see his license plate, although I couldn't make it out on the video. You hear me read the license plate, "HANA 3". Then you hear me say, "I wonder." I was wondering whether HANA 3 had anything to do with a story that I read recently on See .
Here's the link to the video:
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