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Default Speeder on Barbur Southbound, at Hooker

From the description on youtube:

This is helmet cam video from 7/23/2010, late afternoon, Barbur and Hooker, Portland, Oregon, USA. I took this about 2 weeks after I got the helmet cam.

There are at least 2 road user errors in this video. The second is, of course, the car speeding southbound on Barbur. I went over the video frame by frame but I couldn't make out the license plate.

The first road user mistake is the other bicyclist turning right to go northbound on Barbur without stopping for the stop sign.

But, you say, the intersection is controlled by a stop LIGHT, not a SIGN. No, you are incorrect. Look at the video again, around 0:05. Vehicular traffic from the side street, Hooker, is controlled by a stop sign. When vehicle traffic on Barbur is clear, traffic from Hooker can proceed after stopping for the stop sign.

Pedestrians have a button-actuated crosswalk signal. The crosswalk signal makes the light for Barbur go red; the pedestrians get a walk signal.

So I was not running a red light when I went through the intersection in this video. I had stopped for the stop sign, saw that the traffic was clear, and proceeded with my left turn.

Just after I got to the bike lane on the far side I was passed by a speeding car going southbound on Barbur. As you can see, I looked northbound on Barbur before entering the intersection.

Since I took this video, I only cross with the walk signal. Either I go up on the sidewalk and press the button to make the light turn, or I take advantage of a pedestrian that has already pressed the button. If I can, I then reposition on Hooker to make a vehicular left turn. But, usually the walk light comes on too quickly for that, so I make a "box" or "Copenhagen" left turn: cross Barbur in the crosswalk, position the bike southbound and wait for the green light.

I'd like the City of Portland to make this a regular 4-way stop light.
Here's the link to the video:
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