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Thanks for the responses comrads.

I haven't heard the noise since the BB overhaul but I have obviously been thinking about it enough to post.

"Sounds like you think the noise came back once, though you question whether it was actually the noise because you haven't heard it since. It can be even more frustrating since it is only intermittent with the rain" - Man.... tell me about it. lol.

"That's why it develops after a rainy ride and not during - because the water acts as a lubricant while it washes away your chain lube." - Makes perfect sense. ty.

I've lubed my chain since I have read your response.


Whatever the issue was, its currently fixed. I'm going to focus on lubing my drive chain esp during the rainy months.

If the issue does come back I'm going to take it the LBS and I will share my findings.

Thanks once again for the information!
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