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Default Bottom Bracket - Rain Issues?

After some really rainy bike rides my bottom bracket started making a "creaking" noise.

I spent about $25 dollars on tools from my LBS and with the help of ( I overhauled my cup-and-cone bottom bracket. I used some Finish Line Teflon Grease (

After I overhauled the BB it sounded awesome and worked great. I road 160 miles and after a recent rainy ride I thought I heard some "creaks" as I was in cadence during the end of my ride.

I've road since then and have heard no noises. These later bike rides have came on non rainy days.

I ride a low-end road bike that I give extreme TLC to.

Whats going on here? Is the H20 infiltrating my BB housing and diluting the grease and creating friction?

After I've overhauled the BB I haven't had an issue. However, I'm worried. I have committed myself to ride in rain or shine. I would overhaul this BB once a month if I have to. Is this issue common with people with all ranges of quality bikes? Is this just an issue with my bike?

Thanks for the advice,
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