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I do take Highway 30 up to Scapoose, I must confess. Now that the Bank-Vernonia Trail is pretty much clear to Vernonia, I'll try that. But, everyone who's written about 202 is correct. The road is practically barren on the weekend, very quiet. I've never taken it during the week, so I can't speak to that. The "Scaponia" way has a nice climb to it and a great downhill stretch after reaching the summit. Also, if you want, you can turn at Olney and go to Seaside instead of going straight to Astoria. The Seaside route is nice, but there's a good climb before you get to Seaside. I've done that ride as well. Puts you just a smidge north of Seaside.

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How do you get from Portland up to Scapoose? How are the shoulders along 202?


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