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Originally Posted by vja4Him View Post
Should bicyclists have to pay for registration, insurance and road tax for their bicycles?
You do know that there's no such thing as a road tax, right?

If cyclists have to pay a road tax, then I think all road users should have to pay a road tax. Otherwise it's a punitive measure, taxing cyclists when no other road user pays a tax for the roads.

Oh-- maybe you were thinking that the gas tax pays for all the streets we get to ride on, and since we don't buy gas, we aren't paying for the streets?

Check out today's Monday Round-up for an illuminating article on the Streetsblog network about how the gas tax doesn't come anywhere near to paying for roads.

Besides all that-- I'm a cyclist, and I also own and drive a car. So I already pay the gas tax, thanks.

I also have insurance (house and car) and a driver's license. So I think I'm covered, thanks again.

In general, I think that everyone should have to take the written test again when they renew their license, with an extra section specifically on laws pertaining to bicycling and walking. That would educate a large swath of the population. Heck, make it open book even, like the notary public test.
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