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Most recently, I've been reading 'Through a Different Lens/my life with Edward Weston'. This is by Weston's model/girlfriend/ wife. Weston's a defining photographer from middle last century, that established a different direction for the creation of beautiful black and white photographic prints. Weston was quite an eccentric guy, but his gal, Charis being very devoted to him, and a good writer, wrote the texts for his books of prints, and...through her book, allows Weston to be seen as much more than some eccentric dude readers of various books and articles about him have erroneously been led to believe he was.

Also read Dylan's autobiography Pt. 1 from some years back. Interesting to read. Public television partly based their American Masters documentary on this book, borrowing some of the text from it for the documentary.

And sticking with the Sword of Truth books too. I don't read quickly, so I don't get around to a lot of different writers. I've read some mystery, crime murder stuff in past years, but if the book is consistent with the movie in terms of depiction in lengthy, graphic detail, none of that was anything like Silence of the Lambs. The movie isn't the kind of thing I much enjoy watching, just because the degree to which it looks into and describes the type of criminal nature Lecter lusts for and pursues, is at least, upsetting.

Goodkind with this series of his, does a certain amount of that kind of thing too. He must have done research about the atrocities soldiers in war have committed against they're opponents, because in certain sections of the book, he builds his story in part by essentially painting a picture of that kind of thing in vivid detail. Same with the serial killer thing.

But then, material like this has gotten to be fairly common on television...maybe people are no longer disturbed by it. If we're ever invaded and soldiers commence mass rape in churches, maybe all those anesthetized viewers will walk on by bored...'So what...saw that on television before!'.

Other than that stuff, for people that don't like it, the story and characters are very good. He uses his characters well as forms to elucidate matters of personal aspiration, duty, honor and ethics and how they can be reconciled when in conflict.
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