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Default Thanks for the Input

lol K'Tesh. My name is actually based on one of my favorite earlier rap groups Run Dmc, as you had suspected. hehe.

Thumbprinterr, thanks man. Im gonna have to youtube/google some of those stretches you mentioned as I am ignorant.

Haven/K'Tesh, thank you very much for the input on the sore hands. After reading your comments I decided to do some research on hand positioning with drop handlebars. I have realized how ignorant I am when it comes to hand positioning with drop handlebars. I now believe that there is nothing wrong with my hands, rather, there is everything wrong with the way my hands are positioned (plus not being used to it).

In reading the responses, I have come to realize that I dont have a 'warm up' period part of my bike ride. Its been cold outside and im new to biking, so when I leave the house, for some reason I treat it like a 100yard dash....and start out sprinting. lol... Im gonna try integrating stretches and a slower warm up period at the start of my bike ride.

I look forward to revisiting this post in a few months and letting you guys/gals know what worked for me.


On a different subject, once I get more familiar and comfortable with riding around traffic I look forward to biking to downtown portland and experiencing some of the many trails and views that I have been wanting to do.

Bike Rides on Dmc's wish list:
Mt. Tabor to Downtown P-town.
Esplanade/Tom Mccall Waterfront loop.
Springwater Corridor.
Zoo Bomb.
Pittock Mansion.

Just to name a few. =)

Take care and happy holidays,
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