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Originally Posted by tugboat View Post
I just moved here from very unbikefriendly Virginia and joined this forum expressely because (and I'm almost embarassed to admit) I'm afraid to get out on the streets on my bike. I don't know the area well yet, I'm not sure where I should and should be riding, and what the protocol is for being a respected rider, etc. I'm just plain scared and I don't know anyone yet so even if I do go out I'll be riding alone.

Riding at night, do I need lights on both front and back? I have a back light so far but I'm not sure what the law states and if Portland is well lit enough at night that I wont need a front light.

Please give me some encouragement!
it's pretty easy to get used to riding in Portland...

I guess the first thing we need to know is where you're located...

if you're on the east side, or especially southeast, then I'm sure you could take some quick rides with us (wife, kid, and I) in the evenings and on weekends... we're very casual bikers... we're near SE Holgate Blvd and the I-205 bike path...

yes, you NEED a front light to obey the law... and you WANT a rear light to be seen... the more lights the better... I love riding late at night, it's so peaceful... lights are also a good idea when it's overcast, or any other time there's no direct sunlight...

if you want to be a respected cyclist all you really need to do is follow the law... use your hand signals when turning and changing lanes, and stop (or very close to it) at stop signs... don't ride fast on the sidewalk... don't weave in and out of parked cars...

once you get out on the road it's easier to learn those things...

just do it...
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