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another issue that has come up recently...

am I required to stay to the right and pass on the left on a MUP?

what about pedestrians?

just in the last couple days I've had issues where people and bicycles were on the left side of the path or an actual left lane of a path...

one instance was where a family was taking up both lanes of a path and when I rang my bell they all jumped to the left side where I was going to pass, then we had to do the little "I don't know where you're going" dance while we all changed lanes a couple times until I almost had to stop to be sure not to hit one of them...

another was a kid riding his BMX in the left lane of a path... not so bad, except that as I was passing him on the right in my lane other bikes were coming at him and he then had no place to go... I was worried he'd swerve into me but he just hugged the left side even more while everybody passed both directions on his right...
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