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Default Fruit Valley/Lakeshore to 179th St

Originally Posted by rainperimeter View Post
it seems like 99 is the way to go. i wish i could leap over vancouver to start my trip, or end it, however it works out. i grew up there so i can hate on it all i like.
Alternate bypass to the Hazel Dell/Salmon Creek parts of Hwy 99: After crossing the I5 bridge take Mill Plain/15th bike lanes west to 4th Plain, quick jog right (east) to Fruit Valley Road. Turn north and follow Fruit Valley as it becomes NW Lakeshore Drive, NW 36th Ave, NW Seward Rd and finally NW 41st Ave. Turn right (east) on NW 179th St and climb up to the Clark County Fairgrounds at I5 exit 9. From there you can turn north on either I5 (shoulder is legal) or back onto the 99 route by taking NE 10th St up to La Center/Pacific Hwy. Trades off busy multi-lane urban streets and lots of intersections for subrural two-lane with minimal (if any) shoulder.

Plenty to knock Vancouver for while it won't budget any bike funds.
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