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My commute takes me from NE to 72nd and Bonita in Tigard. Typically the best route is on to Broadway, through downtown, and on to Terwilliger. From there I take Barbur to 72nd. On the way back I tend to wind up some back roads by PCC, then on to Barbur, but skip Terwilliger.

Problem spots:

1) Taking the left onto Terwilliger , mostly crossing a lane of traffic from the bike lane to the left turn lane, shortly after the blind corner.

2) A couple sections of Barbur are tricky as the bike lane is not continuous, and near 72nd there is no bike lane at all.

3) Northbound on Barbur just before reaching downtown can also be hard as Barbur forks to downtown and the Ross Island bridge. There is a pedestrian crossing but it takes forever due to high traffic volume.
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