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Not forum requests so much as requests from forum members. More participation from forum members would be welcome...not that this is something management is responsible for. More people posting reports and comments about what's going on in their neighborhoods and along their commute routes, about developments that are improving transportation infrastructure in these areas is something I'd welcome.

I'm not a big neighborhood meeting attender, but drawing especially from the experience of having been to some in the last few months, I've come to realize how important what is discussed and agreed upon in them can be. I'm afraid not enough members of the public are going to these meetings. Of those that do attend, not enough of them are sharing their impressions in free (to us) forums like this.

I think it's worthwhile to refrain from politicizing a bicycle related interest forum such as this one is, but at the same time, it seems that forum members could be using it more effectively to relay info to readers about land use, livability and transportation issues being affected by local politics in their community.
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