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Originally Posted by lynnef View Post
I lock mine up to the rack outside. I'm working in RA1; no fence or guard shack.

Western to Canyon - actually, if your intermediate goal is Jenkins...

R on 109th
CROSS Canyon, becomes 110th
L on Cabot, becomes Center (I think you'll pass K'Tesh's apartment complex there somewhere)
R on Hall
CROSS Cedar Hills, go through the shopping center and
R on Hocken
L on Jenkins (there is a traffic light there)
yea... been using Cabot... just wish there was a way to navigate home from Cabot to Allen that didnt involve riding down Beaverton/Hillsdale or Western for that matter... Western can get pretty hairy. I am using Arctic to go through the business park, but still...

FWIW, on the commute to intel, I do prefer taking a right off of Center one intersection prior to Hall.. then travelling up to ____ (Fairfield?) and then crossing Cedar Hills Blvd. at Winco, then on to Jenkins. it might be a few feet farther but it seems to have a whole lot less traffic.

Thanks for the response.

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