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Originally Posted by lynnef View Post
Gee, since I posted that, I got a JOB (contract, but hey after 17 months of no job) at Intel Ronler Acres. Guess how I'm getting there? I really do prefer Evergreen-Cornell-158th-Waterhouse-{through the THPRD facility to Pioneer} over Baseline-Jenkins. I commuted home from Tektronix on Jenkins-Walker-through the Cedar Hills neighborhood, and I didn't like the left turn off Jenkins to Ecole, even though there is a left turn lane, because Jenkins backs up and drivers DRIVE WEST THROUGH THE LEFT TURN LANE OMG! I DARN NEAR DIED ONE NIGHT!

Also, the left turn across Walker onto Filmont is doable when traffic is heavy, not so much when traffic is light. I don't want to stay on Walker eastbound any longer, because it becomes very narrow with ditches just east of Cedar Hills. I'd just go up Park Way instead. Builds character.

I have no issues at all with Evergreen-Cornell, even at rush hour. Bike lanes the whole way, intelligently designed eastbound bike lane at the 158th intersection (I turn right and stay far left, because that's where I'm turning) Nicer than Baseline in terms of overall traffic level.

In the mornings I ride to the MAX at Sunset TC, take the MAX to Orenco, then ride the last bit. I ride all the way home.

Krispy Kreme is not a distraction. The various burger joints and Asian restaurants on the Tanasbourne shopping center and along Cornell really smell enticing on the way home. I'm hungry

Friend G likes to ride Cornell-Amberglen-Walker-Park Way. Not so much for me, because Evergreen is much closer for me (she's at total other end of the complex), and it includes those two stretches of Walker Rd with the narrow bridges.

Sooo if you see someone on a Rivendell Bleriot with hammered metal fenders, say hi!
I am working contract there too... I just finally started commuting again and was unhappy when the gaurd shack told me i couldn't take my bike inside the gate even thouh my company has a a trailer i can store my bike in. Are you chaining yours up outside?

FWIW to anyone, i ride out from SW Portland and use Jenkins to baseline to 170th to Cornell to Evergreen. That ride is very easy... just wish i could get from Western Ave. to Canyon in a more relaxed route.
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