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Default Eastside: Red Subaru Outback - 831 BRU

Outback that rusty red color- looks like late 1990's
Caucasian Gent - maybe in late 40's or 50's.

East Side - Heading West on Burnside: 82nd and Burnside

Stopped at the light - bicycle at the front of the cue next to a grey Taurus with Mr. 831 BRU behind.

Well 831 BRU decides it's unecessary to hold up a couple of seconds so the cyclist can get through the intersection. It's very narrow at this intersection - the bike lane takes a temporary hiatus until you cross the other side.

And there's these storm drains you really need to get around - they're not debilitating if you hit them but not pleasent to nail square.

So I choose a line that skirts the edge of the drain. It's no problem. While stopped there's plenty of room.

Everything's fine - I'm just behind Grey Taurus when Subaru...

Guns it... not more than 6 inches... BETWEEN OUR TIRES because I'm leaning to the right as much as possible to skirt the outer edge of the STORM DRAIN sitting right in my path and keeping my handlebars off his rearview mirror.

Then proceeds to tailgate the Taurus impatiently until out of site.

I used to think you look at the driver first when a vehicle approaches. No longer. Now it's License Plate AND THEN eye contact.
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