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Man, how could I forget Neil Gaiman!!! I love that guy. American Gods is a great book, and for something lighter, hit Good Omens written with Terry Pratchett-- I love that guy, too!

Lynne, I so can't wait for High King to come out-- I think I have the sample chapters all memorized from his website. Which I love that he posts sample chapters so you can "test drive" his works before committing to them.

Charlie Stross does that too, I just found out yesterday. So there goes my productivity again.

But yeah, the cool thing about the Dies the Fire emberverse is that it's set in Oregon, mostly, so it's a lot of fun to go ride around where they are talking about or at least picture it in your head-- I've been on Webfoot Rd and around Dayton/Amity/Newberg/St Paul a lot on two wheels, but I'm still having trouble figuring out where Castle Todenangst is supposed to be.
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