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Hey Spiffy !...I'll extend to you the grand bikeportland forums welcome...such as it is......! This forum is actually kind of quiet compared to another that comes to mind, so more people weighing in here with good ideas could be a big benefit. I like the level of activity, content and mutual respect of another weblog...bikeforums. I wish this forum had more of that going on, focused on issues of particular concern to our area...the metro area...the west side, and so on.

Sounds as though you aren't in short supply for bikes to ride. None of them are the type I ride (road bike), but lots of people do, so you should find plenty of company. Yeah, some people....for example...our honorable Editor in Chief of Bikeportland...occasionally get anxious about 'people that ride bikes' being referred to as bicyclists, cyclists, bikers. Fear of dismissive objectification? So to keep the dude working on more important stuff, most people commenting seem to avoid the use of those words ...nyuck,nyuck, nyuck !!.

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