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Default Forest Park

Once the weather sorts itself out, I want to try and get all of the legal Forest Park trail in 1 day. The best I've found is about 30mi and the Forest Park mtb map, which being a pdf is a bit difficult to use as a planning method. Are they in any mapping programs to get elevations?

Any ideas on route? I'd like to do each uphill only once and minimize riding parts twice. Skyline, Leif and Hwy 30 for traversing between the firelanes. I'll probably do the length of Leif last, N-S to get back to downtown. [Leif Erikson Road, Saltzman Road, Springville Road, BPA Road, Newton Street, Firelanes 1,3,5,10,12, 15 & Holman Lane (uphill only).]

Climb Holman Lane to FL1 (via 53rd), descend to HW30
Out HW30 to Saltzman and climb
Descend FL5
Take Leif, descend the lower spur of Springville, then climb to the top.
Descend Germantown to FL10, loop the extension,
Down Newton
Up FL12, hitting the spur to BPA, and then FL15
Back on Skyline, down BPA
Up Germantown to Leif, do FL 3 up and down, out on Leif.
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