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I asked about the status of the bridge on the Shift list back at the start of February, and received this informative reply from Matt Pico:

A review of the project was requested, which delayed the bid date, and set the schedule back. The bridge is not currently closed, and will probably be open until the end of summer (don't count on it, but there is a high likelihood). Project information is here:

The current plan is for Tri-Met to run a shuttle service across the river on the I-205 bridge, which is not open to bicycles or pedestrians. The shuttle will not run 24/7. A number of local advocates, the BTA, and the Clackamas County bike/ped advisory committee have all expressed concerns to ODOT about this arrangement, and a number of alternatives were proposed that have been rejected by ODOT. Jonathan Maus ran a couple of stories on the closure in bikeportland:

That pretty much sums up the current situation. I strongly encourage you to contact the Region 1 contact person, or email Basil Christopher, Region 1 bicycle coordinator or blah and tell them your opinions on the project and the proposed arrangements if it will impact your travels.
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