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Originally Posted by wsbob View Post
Jeff... "reportedly" ... . So it sounds as though you haven't personally gone the Cherry Grove to Trask River Rd route. A lot of people like a challenge. I would think there's a business opportunity for those with the know-how and initiative to put together guided, supplied tours through the back country.

Many years ago, my dad took me fishing in the Trask. I don't remember a lot about the trip to it. It's great though, to realize that Willamette Valley residents have something like this so close by.

Carlton is off my map. Looks like I need another.
I have spent significant time on the backroads in Washington Co. by car and I can tell you Jeff is right... and add to that possibility of logging trucks, hunters, and other wild and crazy people ralleying the backroads, you will remain on alert between incidents.

I love the idea about setting up guided routes in rural Washington Co. Opportunities abound but interest wanes. It is some beautiful countryside however! Lots of elevation changes to be prepared for.
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