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Originally Posted by jeff View Post
Dro, pretty sure there's no pavement due west of Cherry Grove. You can hop a gate and ride up a few miles past Lees Falls on a good dirt road, but it turns into a slot canyon. There are ways through, where you can come out on the Trask River Rd. (paved up to the county park about 15 miles east of Tillamook), but none paved and reportedly some very rough going, and very sparse signing.

The nearest paved through routes through the coast range are Hwy 6 to the north, and the Nestucca River Road (out of Carlton) to the south. the Nestucca route is really nice, very low traffic. There's about 2 miles unpaved midway, but very manageable.
Jeff... "reportedly" ... . So it sounds as though you haven't personally gone the Cherry Grove to Trask River Rd route. A lot of people like a challenge. I would think there's a business opportunity for those with the know-how and initiative to put together guided, supplied tours through the back country.

Many years ago, my dad took me fishing in the Trask. I don't remember a lot about the trip to it. It's great though, to realize that Willamette Valley residents have something like this so close by.

Carlton is off my map. Looks like I need another.
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