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Kinda off topic, but needs to be stated I think.

Just a comment on computer generated routes from google, mapquest, or yahoo... be very suspicious of the routes created through the hill country. As seen from recent examples that have made it to the media – even car routes can leave some stranded, which has sometimes lead to fatal results. See James Kim for evidence, and there have been several other examples as well. The routes can often times lead someone through the mountains away from local resources. If you go, whether by bicycle or car, be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. Often times, those routes will lead you away from vital resources that would have been readily available had you have chosen a more popular route. Use google, but it should in no way be a replacement for the big folding paper maps and a compass, which everyone who’s traveling should know how to use in conjunction with a good map of the region. Be able to orient yourself using said compass and map.
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