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Originally Posted by wsbob View Post
I would say plan on traveling at least 15mph, hopefully 20mph to cross, unless of course, you get a break in the traffic...then you can take a leisurely trip across it.
I don't see the need. You have the legal right to the entire lane, and as far as your safety is concerned, you might as well use it. I'll gladly take a 12' wide lane over a 4' wide sidewalk any day. Cars are going to be slowing down for you even at 15 mph, so there's no point in straining yourself. I've never had a problem taking the lane on the St. Johns bridge, and the towers make the sidewalk significantly less convenient, especially at any speed above a walk. Mind you, I've taken the lane where necessary on the freeway without issue, (think I-90 Vantage bridge over the Columbia) something which some riders might not be as comfortable with, but to each his own.
Gas Tax Holiday? I must be on gas tax retirement.
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