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Originally Posted by AdventureDad View Post
My wife loved the semi-recumbent bike with the NuVinci hub. That autotrans was pretty cool (CVTs are the way of things to come it seems). I believe the bike was from a 3-lettered company which starts with the letter "R" and the axis of the pedals is forward of the base of the seat post (if that makes sense).
Would that have been a Rans? They make recumbents and "crank-forward" designs. I haven't seen any with the autotrans you mentioned, but that could have been a customization.

I have a Rans Stratus LE recumbent. Very nice bike, but something you should know about recumbents is their length can be an issue. They won't fit on the bike racks on buses, nor are they allowed on MAX. But they sure are comfortable to ride!
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