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We took the MAX out to the NW Bike Show out at the expo center on Saturday this past weekend. It was an eye-opening blast for us all. The little guy passed out way before we were done and the older two wanted to ride on the kiddie course over and over again!

Joe Kurmaskie (the Metal Cowboy) was there and is a really nice guy and had lots of tips us as did all the other nice people we met out there and here

We even got to test ride a bunch of different kinds/types/styles of bikes from dealers/shops near and far. The folding bikes were a prety cool concept. I made a HUGE mistake of test riding the tadpole trikes though.... man, I never should have done that!

Those things should not be legal. They are way too addictive. I can't stop thinking about just how much fun it was riding around the arena.

My wife loved the semi-recumbent bike with the NuVinci hub. That autotrans was pretty cool (CVTs are the way of things to come it seems). I believe the bike was from a 3-lettered company which starts with the letter "R" and the axis of the pedals is forward of the base of the seat post (if that makes sense).

Because my wife has permenent nerve damage to one of her arms I am happy if she will just come ride with us, besides I am more than happy to pull the kids (up until they are big enough to assist pedaling).
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