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Default Plenty of places to camp, if you ask nicely.

Originally Posted by adventure View Post
…there's NO LEGAL PLACE TO CAMP between Champoeg and Willamette Mission to Brownsville, which is a distance approaching 100 miles! I don't think most people want to push a century between campgrounds…
Don't forget about camping at places that aren't necessarily campgrounds. I have personally always had great luck with churches, both in Oregon and California.

During my 2009 Spring Break (end of March, beginning of April), I made a short trek from my home in Vancouver to Eugene and back. Three days down: Home–Champoeg, Champoeg–Adair Village, Adair Village–Eugene. Two days back: Eugene–Silver Falls, Silver Falls–Home.

I camped my first night at Champoeg State Park. This is the route that I then took to Adair Village:

Helmick Road south out of Monmouth was a real treat, looking to have been an old alignment of 99W. A low traffic route with views of parallel 99W, on what looks to be the original concrete roadway, no less.

I had called up the pastor at the Prince of Peace Church in Adair Village about a week in advance asking permission to camp on their lawn. He kindly allowed me to do so, and mentioned that he knew others who had before as well. Humorously, I was not told that this church also has a school on their property, which resulted in the odd wake-up call of a school bell (While Washington state has spring break, Oregon is back in school). While there were no bathrooms, a quick ride down the road to the county park resolved that issue.

I can't speak as highly of my next day, however:

Peoria and Coburg Roads basically amount to over 30 miles of the exact same thing: fields. And if you have any aversion to hills, you're in luck.

As much as I would recommend cycling to Silver Falls State Park, I would hold that off until the Summer months. It's a beautiful climb from the south, but at nearly 1,600 ft, I had light snowfall even in April.

A few months ago, I also rode from Eugene to my home in Vancouver in one day's ride of 130 miles. I just got on I-5 from the Beltline Highway, and then didn't get off until downtown Portland. There are multiple rest stops along the way which provided conveniently placed bathroom facilities and picnic tables. The Santiam rest stop even has a nice waterfront picnic area. I also did the entire ride many mph above my average cruising speed thanks to the interstate wind, if you will. Nothing like a 5:45 century!

Not everyone enjoys cycling on the freeway though, and there are numerous other routes in the Willamette Valley to suit almost any kind of touring cyclist.
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