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Question Does 1 adult + 3 wee riders = No bike??? Any ideas?

I want to get a bike but haven’t ridden since the 80’s. The reason I want to ride is several fold; I have 4-1/2 year old (45lbs), a 3 year old (30lbs), a 1-1/2 year old (30lbs), and as a diabetic I need to get into a healthier shape for their sake.

To achieve my goal of a long happy family life – I plan to get out and ride on as many of the local, family-friendly bike rides as possible bringing them all with me… going around the neighborhoods and doing the bridge pedal... eventually, in a couple years, lead up to the Seattle-to-Portland ride. They are still fairly young and tend to get tired/sleepy on long walks (+1k) and car rides.

My quest is to find a bike which I could pedal while the three of them ride (until they are old/big enough for their own bikes). I am open to inventive ideas on how best to safely get the kids out on some of the rides with me, given they will fall asleep on some of the longer rides so sitting on an attached bike probably wouldn’t work for our family. The bike needs to also be comfortable on longer rides for a newbie (if it becomes more of a chore than a pleasure ride, I may get discouraged and dump the idea).

So… what’s the best, most cost effective (money is tight), safe bike setup to go with in my given stuation?

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