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Default Champoeg to Eugene route

DR, a couple of thoughts on the route that i think shave a few miles off the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway route -

- south of Salem you can cross the river at the Buena Vista Ferry (assuming it's running) - there's a good back way in to Albany via Buena Vista / Springhill Rds., where you re-cross the river into Albany. Riding the ferry is a treat, and this way looks like it saves just a few miles.

- once you're on Peoria Rd. on the east bank of the river, south of Corvallis, you can just fly straight on down to Harrisburg. It's a pleasant, reasonably low traffic route, as i recall. From Harrisburg you follow Coburg Rd into Eugene. This route saves at least 10 miles over the WVSB route - but you miss Brownsville, which is a pretty little town.

- one final mile-shaving possibility is, if you're thinking of overnighting at Champoeg, is to camp at Willamette Mission State Park at the Wheatland ferry). They have overnight camping group sites only right now (about $70 a night, works for a group ride), but they're allegedly working on adding hiker/biker camp spots - you might check with State Parks to see where they're at with this. Willamette Mission is a fabulous place to stay, *really* quiet once the day-users clear out.
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