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so last night at thompson and skyline, where i met a coyote a few rides back, i had another encounter. only last night it charged at me. scared the shit out of me. thinking less of my route home and more of getting the hell away from this animal coming at me, i turned right on thompson...the wrong way. i take a left there. whatever, it shouldn't have been a big deal, just a little evasive move, wait a few, head back up and down thompson the right way. but it just kept following me! ugh. when i finally stopped my heart was pounding and legs were jelly. i called a buddy who was on his bike and had left rock creek a little after me. we met on laidlaw and rode home together. fun. the only drawback to this is i'm on an old bridgestone with front and rear rack and a pannier full of crap, and tony is on his fancy team issue vanilla speedvagen. he hauls ass. i don't, not on the bridgestone at least.
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