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Some of you may remember the news of a November 1st pedestrian-car collision at the 80th and Foster Rd crosswalk that doesn't have a traffic stopping sign. From what I've read and can remember about it first hand, that intersection has some similarities to the section of TV highway near 178th; wide street, fast moving traffic, long distances between crosswalks with signals, it's the site of a bus stop.

Two young women crossing the street in front of a stationary bus at the bus stop were hit by a car that did not stop as the girls were in the process of walking past the front of the bus on their way across the street. One woman was a fatality that day, the a coma since that day, at last passed on today.

About the young woman struck by a car on 80th and Foster Nov 1 ....Oregonian story

Lots of discussion about who is and should be responsible for taking necessary precautions to avoid such a collision took place in response to bikeportland main page stories about that collision. The simple fact though, is that the intersection, same as the one on TV highway #8, does not have a red light traffic signal sending an indisputable message to road users that they must stop even if they aren't necessarily able to see the reason the red light has been activated (ex. bus blocking view of pedestrian that have pushed the crosswalk button).
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