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My wife goes through that area daily, I used to until I changed jobs. A couple of time a week, there are car accidents. They are from the one alert motorist that stopped to let a ped cross and some unattentive moron rearends the stopped car, then another moron rearends him...I have seen 6 cars piled up in one shot. Speed limit is 35, people go 45. It's not well lit at night, peds seem to usually wear black at night. The lights are very much needed. The issue I have is the 1.2million they are spending on it. They are gonna need a couple of poles, some signs, some flashy lights, a relay, and a couple of buttons. The electricity is there already. So thats what, $100 grand at best? If they have state employees performing the install.....oh wait, state employees = 1 or 2 workers and 20 observers (for safety). ok, so allow that another 100 grand (because it's gonna take them a year to put up the flashy lights and such). Where does the other million bux go? If they hire a contractor to install the flashy lights, it should total about a half mil. Still leaves 700K. Where's the rest of the $$$ going?

It would be easier for them to get away with pocketing our money if they legalize drugs. Everyone would be baked and not care. Sober, we notice $1.2 million for a signal. Government really gets under my skin. And they want to raise my taxes because of budget issues. There are no budget issues, there are crooked politician issues. Sorry to say, those issues will never be fixed.
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