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Yosh...welcome to the forum, (your first post....excellent )and thanks for your observations on the crosswalk at 178th, as well as on motor vehicle use of streets in the residential area north of TV highway at this intersection. I'm presuming you're referring to Alexander. In an earlier comment, I described this street as being located in a quiet neighborhood...which I'm inclined to think it mostly still is...but to be accurate, it's been awhile since I've actually ridden it. I wouldn't at all be surprised if it's being heavily used by motor vehicles as a cut-through to escape traffic congestion on TV highway during, for example, rush hour.

Other than those hours, I'm thinking it's still probably a mostly slower traffic, quiet street. That's partly because it's rather narrow and has some ups and downs that don't allow a long sight-line for people driving cars. I'll get over and check it out before long.

This should be an excellent street for bike travel if cut-throughs haven't made it otherwise. If one were there, for many types of people riding bikes and wanting to cross to the south side of the highway, a signaled crosswalk at 178th may turn out to be far more preferable for crossing than with the intensely busy traffic on 170th, either on the road itself or in the signaled crosswalk there.
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