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Just wanted to drop a few about myself. I'm new to Portland, well as of 2 years ago. We moved up here from Texas for a change of pace. What a change...
I'm a happily married father of 4 kids. Work in Gresham, live in Hillsboro. I was diagnosed with heart disease about 18 months ago and am in good health as of now. I eat my meds, somewhat watch what I eat(getting better. I'm a redneck that eats meat) The doc says I need to lose some weight. Due to spurs in my heels I cannot walk much or jog....or run(laughing to myself). So I decided to get a bike and ride my way to health. I'll get there. In Texas we had 4 seasons. December, January, February, and Summer. The 4 seasons here are somewhat different. There is a lot of water stuff coming from the sky and some occasional white, frozen stuff.....well, it's not Texas riding. Like I said, I'll get there.
I have picked up a lot on this forum and look forward to learning the spots and trails.
So other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?
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