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Default TV Hwy Crossing

As an instructor for the League of American Bicyclists, I work with several group homes that adults with physical or mental challenges live. There is a house near that crossing that I have been working with staff to get residents to be able to get to the 7-11 on the north side of the highway on their own. “Dennis (one of the residents) loves his coffee!”

In itself, my assessment is that this cannot be done without staff present.

ODOT has tried to take steps necessary to reduce collisions between cars and pedestrians, but all, so far have been incpmplete.

Without a light at that crossing, it is nearly impossible to cross without at least one of the 4 lanes having a vehicle that doesn’t stop.

As for bicycle traffic, it has been pointed out that TV hwy is a miserable place to ride. I agree, but for a straight line shot east-west, there is little alternative.

The WashCo BTC has been striving for 12 years to improve conditions for bicycling in Washington County and we're making bigger steps now than in the past.

We look forward to the West Side Get together on the 27th to share and collaborate on ideas.

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