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The not presently in print Washington County Visitors Association bike map shows TV Highway having a full 4' bike lane through that section of the highway(the Bike There! map shows it too).

Unfortunately, TV highway is one fast, dirty, nasty highway to ride alongside, even with a clearly marked 4' wide bike lane. For that reason, I avoid it if at all possible. At least part of a commute route can be made on quiet neighborhood streets Alexander and Johnson on the north side of the highway starting at 170th, and Blanton on the south side. They don't have bike lanes, but traffic on them is low and slow enough to support good biking on them. From previous threads here in the forums, I recall other people commenting that they use those streets. They're some of the ones I prefer if I'm traveling between Beaverton and Hillsboro, etc.

Pedestrians really need a crosswalk signal that stops motor vehicle traffic with a red light at 178th, so pedestrians can cross safely; It's 3/4 of a mile between 170th and 185th, presently the nearest intersections to 178th with such a light. From 178th in either direction, that would be about 1800 feet...same as 9 blocks in downtown Portland. That's a lot of hoofin' it to cross the street safely on a regular basis.

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