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so today was my first day biking to that class. last tuesday i took the PCC shuttles. lame. took forever. on the bus sitting in traffic. no thanks. thursday i drove my gf's truck. lame. took forever. in the truck sitting in traffic. but blasting metal (electric wizard). still, no thanks. i have a 1pm class at cascade, got out at 3, rode to food front in NW to supplement my sandwich and fruit with more fruit and junk food, then rode up lovejoy to cornell to thompson to skyline to springville. took less than 2 hours even with the lunch break. not bad i guess. beats the shuttles and the parking lot that is hwy 26. why people put themselves through that shit blows my mind. whatever. the freedom of the open road is a powerful thing.

oh, on the way back tonight, at the intersection of thompson and skyline; COYOTE! hell yeah!

and as it's dark and there is no cross traffic on those back roads, and really not much traffic to speak of anyways, i did what i never do on my bike...i blasted metal! not too loud, i care about my ears and ensuring i can rock into old age.
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