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(thanks Hemp )
Springville on St. Johns side is kind of cool/interesting for me anyway.

First, it sure does go all the way up to Skyline. It's paved for the first couple hundred yards where it's also the steepest. Then it turns to (nasty) gravel for a short stretch (made nastier 2 weeks ago when they put down ~10 inches of fresh mostly uncompacted gravel).

Summer/fall I was doing the ride on a (cheapo) cross bike. Then it broke down on me & I went to my old (better) mtn. bike. Think that's the way to go esp. when it's extra muddy & the fresh new gravel...

Think this is my favorite portion of the commute (esp going down )- you get used to the steepness quickly and there's hardly any traffic (no traffic beyond the gate of course).

Hillsboro side of Springville (btw, there's a 200 yd quick connection you do on skyline) is like Germantown Rd. except with <1/20th the car traffic. With enough flashing red blinky's on my back, feels safe enough...

Get a decent headlight & enjoy the new commute! Cheers.

PS I think I find the St. Johns crossing much more unpleasant...esp. with occasional strong cross winds (I ride the sidewalks) & semis flying by.
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