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thanks biciclero. i don't maps shows it all the way through and the route description mentions no trickery. sometime before the quarter starts i'm going to go give that route a shot and see how it goes. see if it's reasonable given the amount of time i have, maybe taking the PCC shuttles will be a better choice.

another thing i might need to think of is this; a friend of mine who has biked to Rock Creek (for something, not a class, and only a couple times) said that the roads suck. no shoulder and flying traffic. brian, friend, said that if he had access to a vehicle he'd have driven. not because of the length of commute time but just cuz he thought it was too damn sketchy. factor in less daylight and rainy days and all that just might be really lame.

so if anyone has thougths on that as well i'd be glad to hear what you have to say.
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