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Cool Can't say I've toured...

I've been on tours though,... I was in the business of Hawaii tours up until late August.

The only (guided) bike tour I'd do on Oahu again, would be the 100% Mountain bike tour (link goes to my photos) put on by Bike Hawaii, and possibly their hike/bike/snorkel tour.

Been There... Done That...

If you click here, you can see the Slide show

I've done other tours put on by other companies on Oahu, and I can't say I was very happy with the product.

On Maui, I've done the Haleakala Downhill tours twice (got to see the sunrise both times), but that was "back in the day" (before I had a digital camera). Now the ride portion begins outside of the Park, and I've yet to do the tour with the wine (not whine) stop. Given half a chance, I'd try to ride from Paia to the top (and back) which comes out to be ~76 miles, with a summit at 10023' (at the halfway mark )

Never got a chance to try the Waimea Canyon tour in Kauai.

Nor any kind of bike tour on the Big Island.

Still, I want to go back, and circle each of the inhabited islands. There is a book of self guided tours (Hawaii by Bike). However, it was written before 9/11, and I'm a little concerned about how dated it was.

Anyway, Have a great time! (bring me back a tee shirt )
Riding my bike is MY pursuit of Happiness!!!

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