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Default touring in hawaii- anyone done it?

Tix are really cheap right now to hawaii.

Has anyone toured in hawaii? I'm thinking of heading out to the big island with my bike, some snorkeling gear, and a sleeping bag. (Anyone have 2 sets of snorkeling gear to loan?)

I figured that if I can get me and my bike to the big island (with panniers/ sleeping bag/ etc) I could spend a week and a half riding the 300 miles around the big island. Anyone have advice?

I've done some research and it looks like the big island has the least traffic and the most open road. Has anyone ridden around the big island or toured on any of the other islands? I am the most intrigued by Kaua'i, but it looks like road riding isn't such a good idea there, and the other islands look expensive, densely populated, and only have online advertisements that sound like "30 mile downhill with a guide that sets the speed for 100 bucks." yuck.


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