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Originally Posted by Oldguyonabike View Post
Thank you to Ti-met, BTA, ODOT and everyone else who worked to reopen the 205 path to Clackamas. The rain-bow following howling wind and thick rain at the christening was a great omen.
It was soooo nice to not climb the 92nd st hill this morning.
It's been a long two years. Now back to the old routines.
Hmmm... I'm going to have to head down the I-205 path to look it over. I'm going to lead a ride on the 21st, starting at Gateway, and this will be the first time we've been able to ride it south of Division in 2 years. The area around Foster sounds like it ought to be fun!

I agree with earlier comments about the dangerous intersections. In the ten years I've been leading rides down the path we haven't had an incident, but I also caution people to be very wary of inattentive drivers. It helps that we're a wild-looking bunch, though: .

The Glisan intersection can be avoided by getting off the path at either Gateway or Burnside, going one block east to 99th, and continuing. This works pretty well, although you end up riding the Burnside sidewalk if you're heading south.

FWIW, another VBC member and I worked on cleaning up the Vancouver end on Saturday. We managed this between rain showers:

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