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Wsbob: Hopefully this makes better sense of what I'm trying to describe. I'd just do a google map overlay in ms paint, but.... I probably ought to spend that time doing that just for clarifications sake for if this thing ever goes anywhere. Hopefully though this answers your last question.

Two way
. North
. _________________
. 4th lane
. -------------------
. 3
. -------------------
. *crash 6th Ave
. -------------------
. 1st lane
. ^ _________________
Me@curb South.
Since this is getting clumped together and not leaving the space I intended for Charnelton, I'll see what I can do about mapping it out and posting in a bit.

One way

Zpl: I'm sure I could sue, but sue whom? I would first have to prove who was driving on my own (no small feat I'd guess) and for $300? I want to see charges more than my money back. (assuming she'd even abide by an order to pay me).

I finally got a hold of the officer last night (voice mail technical issues keep him from receiving his messages! tragic.) He said he'd been to the property the car is registered to
thrice, but had not seen the car (from google maps, the house looks like it has a garage) and had not gotten an answer at the door. He's going to keep trying he says.

Friday night, some guy was hit here riding on a sidewalk by someone who was drag racing, and then fled the scene. Hopefully the cops are being more diligent, but from what I've been reading and what I've seen since I've moved here, that'll take some convincing.

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