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Unhappy East Burnside at SE 108th Ave

This incident occurred at the Traffic light at E Burnside and SE 108th Ave on September 8, 2009, at approximately 9:40 AM. Both the truck and I were headed east-bound on Burnside. He turned southbound and I was continuing eastbound.

A trash collection truck was blocking the single lane of car traffic and I was able to travel in the designated bike lane just as the trash collectors were re-loading in their vehicle. I made eye contact with the driver just as he was loading up in the truck, he was driving from the right hand side of the truck, I think. The light was red so I stopped at the intersection, in the bike lane. The truck had hazards on so I didn't know where it was planning to travel next; any turn indication wouldn't work with the hazards on. The truck approached the intersection while the light was red and instead of stopping, rolled through the intersection and began to turn right, squeezing me toward the curb. I screamed at the driver and he abruptly stopped. I yelled at him that he needed to pay attention. He said "go ahead, then!" I looked through his windshield, as he was bulk-heading the bike lane and I could not get through, and saw that the light was still red. I told him "I can't go, the light's red!" At that point, he just continued on, rolling through the intersection with the red light, making a right turn. The tires got closer and closer as he went and I had to squeeze to the curb so as not to be run over. Then the light turned green and I was able to proceed as he continued southbound on SE 108th Ave.

I believe I tracked down the company that services this area and I pointed out that with the bike commute challenge there will be additional bikers on the road, and that I believed additional training is in order for their drivers. A little matter of awareness and accountability would avoid a very big disaster.
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