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Default My first tour

okay, so I did it. 700 miles solo around oregon. I'll breifly tell about my route so you can all do it too!! Over the nestucca river pass to the coast. Beautiful. Its option 3 in the ODOT's 'routes to the coast from pdx" section. starts in yamhill. Its about 80-85 miles to get to a campsite and a 2000' max elev. but its worth it. Then down the coast on 101, blah blah, I won't talk about that. Cut over at Coos Bay. The riding on 101 S. of there and on the first 10 miles of 42 (headed to Myrtle Point) was a little hairy, but after Coquille the shoulder widened and the traffic lessened. I went to Powers from Myrtle Point, which was a beautiful, quiet ride (15 miles). From Powers I continued through the Sikiyou's, and this is where is gets good. Forest road 33 is paved (with a little cindercone) all the way to Glendale or Riddle. Its about 70-80 miles from Powers to Riddle with no water but tons of free campsites. I saw maybe 10 cars the whole time! worth taking a few days to travel. Steep, hard pass that doens't show up on the "oregon bicycle map". Riddle to Canyonville to Tiller to Trail along hwy 242, decent riding, not too many cars, hard 10 mile hill but fun 10 mile DH. Then along the Rogue River on HWY 62, which has good (but expensive) camping until you get to the Lost Creek Reservoir. Free camping there. Deceptively hard hills around the lake though. A 40 mile gradual uphill to the base of Crater Lake from there, which has EXPENSIVE camping. Best to meet someone from PDX and stay in their campsite for free! Easier than I thought getting up to the rim of Crater Lake in the morning, and BEAUTIFUL! Fast downhill out of the north entrance to 138, which is a 15 mile straight road to 97. North on 97 which is flat and FAST. By this time, averaging 17-19 mph a day. Day and a half to Bend on 97, which is busy as hell but does have a wide shoulder.....forest service land so free camping anywhere along the side of the road. enough towns along the way to fill up with water. Then to Bend, great place. 10 days along my route to get there. From there spent a few days back up in the cascades around mt bacehlor (long hard climb!!!!) and elk lake (coldest draft beer EVER---the cups were frozen and there was a tiny bit of ice when they poured it!!! yummy!). okay, sorry for the long,unsolicited post, but some may find it helpful. if you have questions.


here's the route:
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