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Default 205 Bike Path

I called Tri-Met today because I am anxiously waiting for the 205 path south of Flavel to re-open, but judging from the amount of work still needed I couldn't imagine them finishing it by the 9/12/09 christening of the Green Line. I was right. The cust svc rep researched it and apologetically advised that there is no exact projected completion date other than "probably the end of September". They received some stimulus $$ that is being used to install lighting and delay completion.
Once again it feels like we get the dregs. They've had the Max line done for months. They even have the shrubbery. I can live with 92nd a little longer. I really don't want to do another winter on it, though.
Anyone out there know the inside scoop? Are they at least going to open sections as they complete them? Which ones? When?
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